i dreamt last night that Light died before L
in other news i still tear up a at the mention of L’s death i am a weak human being

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headcanon: L is ridiculously flexible and uses this ability to bite his own toenails

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i avoid death note so much you would never guess it was my favorite manga and anime series

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Light and Mels switching clothes.

by てっか

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Cosplays that make you wonder if people are real or not.

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"I don’t sit like this because I want to, I have to sit like this.
If I were to sit normally, my deductive skills would immediately be reduced by 40%.”

— gear render ()

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As some of you know, I'm the sort of person to go above and beyond when it comes to giveaways. I love my followers so dang much, and I just want to show them that I truly do love them! So to thank my first 300 hundred followers, I'm going to do one very big giveaway. 


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  3. If I announce you as winner, you have two days to get back to me, or I will choose a different winner. 
  4. Please keep your askbox open! Or you may just lose out on some pretty cool stuff! 


  1. Volume 1-12 of Death Note in English
  2. Your very own death note
  3. 11 Death Note Character Figures 
  4. An L finger puppet
  5. A wonderful Death Note tote to carry all of your cool new stuff in.

☆ You will also receive a super secret, super special surprise, so Look forward to that too! 

Again, thank you all SO much for following me, it means the world to me, you have no idea. I'm so glad that even after 10 years, Death Note continues to be alive and well, and enjoyed by so many people. Good luck, guys!

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Anonymous whispered: Lol that art looks like it took a toddler ten minutes to draw I don't want that shit on my blog

wow anon hate!! it’s been so long!!

ok??? unfollow then bc damn what makes you think i want your piss poor attitude here

you can go fuck yourself

Artist: SilentReaper on DeviantArt

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